RBZ Blow Daddy Filler Neck 2.0 SLIM
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Our  RBZ billet aluminum  blower water neck is one piece, made out of one chunk of 6061 aluminum.  This unique design will allow you to use the fitting size of your choice (select size in options).

Slim design to maximise ease of use and clearnace with your blower style setup

These are professionally powder coated with a satin black finish or professionally chrome plated.

20 PSI radiator cap

Racers by trade, we realized the racing community needed a product that is as reliable as they come at a fair price to the fellow racer.

AN female straight o-ring port out the bottom

With coupler to hook straight into your intake port on a blower style setup

Made in the USA

Thank you for choosing RBZ Billet.

Call 615-643-3555 with any other questions.


Fittens and radiator cap included in price.


  • Item #: RBA7510

RBZ Blow Daddy Filler Neck 2.0 SLIM

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