Drag race 4150 series Carburetor
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Richardsonboyz.com is proud to be an Authorized dealer for APD and here are the specs on the DRAG RACE 4150 CARBURETORS.  APD’s popular drag racing carburetors feature a custom ported main body and custom booster design for maximum air flow and strong booster signal. CNC machined billet metering blocks allow precise metering, a uniform fuel curve, and superior adjustability ( 2 & 3 circuit systems available).  A billet throttle body, also CNC machined in-house at APD offers superior offers superior strength and smooth throttle response, while a 4-corner idle system offers consistent fuel control at idle.  Secondary idle speed adjustments allow for fine tuning of the secondary throttle position. Drag carburetors also feature adjustable air bleeds, non-stick gaskets, large mixture screws, and custom hard coating/anodized finish.  All APD drag racing carburetors include jet extensions and a notched rear float, along with a stainless steel .150 needle and seat (alcohol) or viton .120 needle and seat (gas). Please call (615)-643-3555 to see if we are running a special on this product or if you have any questions.  

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Drag race 4150 series Carburetor

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